Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Gold is the New Black ...

Attracting more Gold in your life!

Do you make vision boards? 
Do you believe in the law of attraction?
Do you dream big?

Here at Create the Moment, we are a lover of affirmations, believing that if our conditions are right then we are ready to manifest the best life possible. During January this year, which is always a little bit of a hibernation month for me, I spent lots of days filling my journal with thoughts, reflections and trying to work out what I really wanted out of 2015. I decided that I no longer wanted to sleep walk but enter every day with my eyes wide awake and feeling alive. 

I made myself a vision board at the end of it, which now looking at it on my creative space wall, I realise I was looking for home comforts, a return to a simpler way of life and to just generally feel grounded after a very difficult 2014. My Vision board had images and words on around 'A home with a heart', 'Rich in Spirit', 'Grow & Cook' and 'Tranquility & Sanctuary'. We had finally moved into our little cottage after a year of moving and renting and clearly I was wanting to nest and feel at home. 

At the same time, I picked my word for 2015 and chose 'Enough'. I no longer wanted to chase something elusive but feel comfortable with what I have and who I am and just know that that is all enough. 

Looking at that Vision Board now, I know the conditions were right as I feel at home and I feel content. That was what I needed then.

However .... Dare I dream big? 

Now that I am settled, I wanted to put it out there to the Universe and make bigger, brighter affirmations and see where it goes. I wanted to step out of the maze from last year and be on an intended path to success, happiness, abundance and the opportunity to explore and have adventures. 

I have my new vision board, which is full of positivity and I am slowly filling my life with that little bit of gold sparkle ... YES ... I want to attract more gold in my life! 

Ask yourself, What 8 BIG dreams do you have? 
What would they look like? 
How do you need to live in order for these to manifest?

And then, put them all together on a board or large piece of paper and hang it up somewhere where you can see it everyday.

Lets come back in 6 months and see where we are. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

Create The Weekend - Live, Laugh, Love

The one thing Jo and I keep saying to each other, is "where is the time going"?! Summer is well and truly on it's way in and our gardens are, as they say, "coming up roses"! Our online course talks about the importance of ritual in our lives - and for me, the start of each new day (about 6.30am with the early light), means making a fresh cup of coffee and taking it outside into the garden. Even on the mornings when we have rain -  I am lucky enough to have a bench nestled underneath a huge thick crop of bamboo -  which conveniently doubles as a rain shelter.

I note every new flower, and each petal that has fallen off it's home from the day before. I count the tiny apples that are growing, by nature's magic, from the prettiest blossom only a few weeks ago. I have been watching with interest the antics of nesting birds -  who like to perch on my pergola and pick their breakfast from the tiniest grapes starting to develop on the vines that entwine it.

Without these precious moments, it would be harder to face the tasks of the day -  and like most women we know, the variety and scope of completing these tasks needs a much stronger descriptor than 'multi tasker'!

So, stop -  first thing in the day -  allow yourself the tiniest frame of time to simply breathe, take in, and be grateful you're participating in this miracle of life.

This weekend we are loving....

the Chelsea Flower Show

... and our own abilities to...

.... nurture plants to grow, no matter how tiny a space we have.

We're writing, every day...

... in our journals -  in preparation for the start of our beautiful online course.

We've been...


enjoying some great...

... food photography  (and of course, the recipes)!

and getting our cameras in ship shape for ....

..... this weekend's weddings!

Whether you're working, resting, living or loving this weekend,

remember to take time out to welcome your day!

Jo and Boo x

Friday, 8 May 2015

Create The Weekend - Live, Laugh, Love

Copyright Cristina Rossi

Happy Friday!

It's been an intensely busy week for Jo and I -  well for one of us it has! Whilst Jo happily researched group travel arrangements and hiring and staying in accommodation for groups of like minded women, in Norway, I stayed behind dealing with the fantastic response from the opening of registration for our online course, Create Your Now. However, I have not minded this in the slightest, as seeing the people who are signing up, is making me feel rather excited and warm and fuzzy inside, as they are all such inspirational people in their own right. Like us, they're keen to create their own dream now, to be in a place where, hand on heart, they can truthfully say they're living their dream. We can truly say, from our own personal experience, that being guided and supported in discovering and acting on your power to choose, can definitely make that dream come true.

Being left behind whilst half the #CreateTheMoment team enjoyed Norwegian delights, also gave me the opportunity to meet some interesting people this week. One of these was one of those ladies you immediately fall into conversation with and feel, or wish, you had been friends for a long time. As we continued to chat, it became apparent that like so many of us, deeper sadnesses were being masked for public eyes. How many of us feel that way? That the greater part of our lives is an act, a show of normality, happiness-  when all we are doing inside is just getting on with surviving in the best way we know how?

We maybe ended up chatting for an hour in total-  but when we said goodbye, I felt honoured that a chance meeting with someone visiting my home town, who happened to be in the same shop at the same time I was there, meant that I had been given a little glimpse into her real heart and mind. If life is about experiences, and if we share our time on this particular spot in the universe for a milli-second of an eternity with other people, then I can thoroughly recommend being brave enough to start chatting with a stranger. You'll never know otherwise what amazing strengths others carry in them. But with a caution, do it safely!

So, because I wouldn't want Jo for one minute to think I've been in the slightest bit envious of her trip, I'm going to share with you some Nordic links that Jo and I particularly love, to enjoy, over the weekend.

Set in Denmark, for those of you who are avid TV series binge watchers, (don't feel ashamed, we're both guilty of it), one of our favourite series....

.... is Borgen -  (Hmmmm am sure Jo visited Bergen in Norway, just to make a point)...

Meanwhile, over in Sweden, the adventures of Detective Anita Sundstrom, have been my....

......bedtime reading for the past few weeks...

Staying in Sweden, and in bed for that very un relaxing yet totally engrossing read, if you've not read.....

....this trilogy.... then start it tonight! (Comes with warning,  you won't sleep, eat, work or anything again until you've finished)...

There's no need to mention the fabulous series The Killing, (ok I just did), which arguably was the series that started our current love affair with everything north of UK, but I will mention that THE iconic jumper, after a lengthy court case, is now available to......

...... knitters as a pattern when you buy the genuine Norwegian wool...   Gosh, I might have to order that now just to experience my own bit of Norway....

Kinfolk is one of our favourite magazines, promoting an exquisite lifestyle where work, personal life and food are in perfect balance and harmony. They arrange fabulous friendly dinner parties around the world......

......including Sweden, this June

Now, Jo tends to slap my hand when I threaten to spend money on anything bar stationery,  so I've taken advantage of her being away to deliberate over an oh so understated classic watch from Danish company Skagen for the past year or so........

.......and now I discover they're doing bags!!  #whattodo?!  #Danishdesignsaresocool

I'm off to celebrate a cousin's 50th this weekend; I'll be pitching my little orange tent in her garden, and when the party is over, I might just sit there, knitting away, ignoring all of Jo's texts that I mustn't buy a handbag.....

Wherever you are, and whatever you'll be celebrating or enjoying this weekend, remember, Live it, Laugh it, and Love it! Create The Weekend for you!

Boo x

Miss you Jo!!!!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Creating the Space

Its been a busy few weeks with family, work, preparing for our Create Your Now eCourse with the demands of our daily life that before you know it, it becomes full from morning to night with very little time to breath and take stock of where you are. 

Sometimes just getting away for a few days where you switch off completely and do nothing for work but instead play, chat, laugh, walk, sit by the fire and chill completely resets the mind and body. The last few days have included walking in the rain, going up a cable car to the top of Bergen, rowing a very small boat with all of us piled in across a Norwegian Forde because the motor wouldn't work (oh and it was raining - hard!), pulling into lay-by's to take pictures on the side of the road, chatting round the fire, picnics in the pine forests and lots of time in our PJ's. 

Just what the heart, soul, mind and body needed.


Thursday, 30 April 2015

Create the New Look

We're so pleased to be able to post our first guest post! Catherine Connor is the owner of Aspire Photography Training. She has many years experience of helping others change and start new lives, and to create many new moments for others.

Over the last year, Catherine has worked hard to transform her personal life, and that included creating a new diet and health regime. Johanna and I have been so impressed with her determination to Create The New Look -  so we asked her to write a piece about her journey for our readers!

Thank you Catherine, as always, an inspiration!

Maintaining your mojo 
This blog post is dedicated to of all those who like myself, woke up one day and realised life was too hard to maintain whilst being unhealthy; weight gain was affecting my mojo, self esteem and much more. Where does weight increase come from? It creeps up on your chin, waistline and thighs slowly, secretly, and then wow it has arrived, and once you notice, boy do you notice. We carry the weight into changing rooms, nights out with friends, through to how you feel at work. My motive to lose weight was driven not by how much I weigh (even though that was frightening) but more by how I felt. I felt tired, unfit, unattractive and in fact I got to the stage when I could barely look in the mirror or make reference to what I was wearing, or any element of who I had become. As a visual person, the visual image really matters to me, and perhaps this became my motivation to make some major changes.
Losing weight is not easy, and maintaining the motivation is even harder. My vice is cheese, wine, social eating and generally sitting relaxing with my partner, having a nice cheeky glass of white wine as my method to relax. It all had to change, so I decided the cheese had to go, only allowing myself to eat cheese on special occasions, and the wine could only be drank twice a week. This was going to be the best I could be, further than that was simply too far. My secret tricks for weight loss have been looking up the calories of a flat white, a piece of cake, a packet of crisps and then multiplying the calories by how many of those I might have been tempted to eat a week. The resulting calories were frightening. This was my weapon to lose; no more flat whites, cakes or treats, as come Christmas it would all display itself on my hips! A moment on those lips means Christmas time on my hips. 
Steady loss is my method; a pound a week, sometimes two or maybe three, as long as it’s consistent. Being consistent is the hardest element, as when I work away from home I am not always in control and I love my food and wine. In my experience it was all about the weigh in, making sure you weigh in each week, and pledging a goal for the forthcoming week. I spent too long talking about dieting and getting healthy that I started to actually believe the conversations were the diet itself. I decided it was time for less talking about losing and more doing something about the losing. There was a big shift in my quest for weight loss, and it’s the mindset that is my biggest contributor not what was on my plate, it was what I was thinking and feeling. Over the last twelve months, I have lost two stone, and with another stone to go, the next stride into further weight loss is getting my head in the right place. I keep a gratitude diary and every day I remind myself of the goal, I write down what I’d like to weigh each week, and make notes regarding what is contributing to the loss each day. I do fall off the wagon, sometimes cheat, but I remind myself I am only cheating me not the scales! I have become inspired by the diary and the things that will make me slimmer, the goal is to own a pair of white jeans this summer and look hot in them! 
My 13 (for luck) weight loss rules are: 
1. No wine on a work night
2. Don’t buy cheese
3. Walk twice a day 
4. No hidden treats as they all end up as pounds on my bum
5. No crisps in the week and only limited to one evening
6. No milk in coffee
7. Fat free diet
8. No sugary treats
9. Write your gratitude diary everyday 
10. Create a pledge each week and make a weight goal for the following week
11. Remind yourself ~ why you’re doing this and how you feel carrying the extra weight
12. Have a vision of what your version of slim and fit looks like
13.  Make YOU your motive and nothing else.
Catherine, we have been so inspired by your journey and your success.
Jo & Boo xx

Friday, 24 April 2015

Create The Weekend - Live, Laugh, Love.

What a week it has been! We have been overwhelmed by responses for signing up to our small gift to you, Create The Journal, some daily journal prompts. And, we are so excited by the messages we have received regarding our announcement of the registration date for the 1st Create Your Now online course! Thank you! We really cannot wait to start welcoming our first fellow 'Creators'.

The recent spell of pure Summer sunshine has had us thinking desperately about....

....outside spaces. Which of those is your favourite?!

We're very into discovering new, natural and sugar free tasty recipes at the moment, and are longing to enjoy the lengthier evenings by.....

....cooking them outside!  Hmmmm  - did I say sugar free?!

Lovely shoes are never far from our thoughts, and we like these for those lazy summer walks, strolling through meadows and dreaming our dreams.....

.....but what colour?!

And talking of colour, we've been re jigging our wardrobes based on our personal colour consultations.........

.......... It's almost as much fun choosing colours for knitting projects as it is choosing journals!

Do you know what colour family suits you best? Or are you someone who sticks to black? Having a session with an experienced ......

....... image consultant can really throw up some amazing surprises!

Why not spend this weekend exploring colour? We love this ......

....wonderful book,

and we recommend this therapeutic workshop......

......Working With Colour.

We'd love to hear about your choices and love of colour! Do leave us your comments before running off to have a fabulous weekend, and don't forget! Sign up for our fabulous run of journal prompts using the form below!

Boo and Jo xx

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Create the Journal {A Gift to You}

" Isn't it mysterious to begin a new journal ... I can run my fingers through the fresh clean pages but I cannot guess what the writing on them will be" (Maud Hart Lovelace)

How many of you have a collection or a shelf full of beautiful notebooks and journals building up, sitting looking beautiful but you have not filled the pages since buying them? Instead they sit on your shelf, unfulfilled and waiting?

Have you started a journal before but stopped after only a few entries before you found yourself writing the same things, or it became boring to write about what you had for breakfast or you just found yourself ranting?

Oh my word we have all been there - my biggest hurdle was always the blank page, starting it whilst holding a fear that I might ruin it and need to do some crossing out! However once I would get going there would be many crossings out, stuck in pieces of paper or pictures, quotes or old photographs or sometimes just a piece of material I liked, treasures I found and a whole array of pens used so it never matched all the way through. I quickly realised I needed to let go of the perfectionist in me and just let my Journal hold all my chaotic messy  but beautiful thoughts, dreams, hopes and of course, rants from time to time.

Here at Create the Moment so many of our up and coming eCourses, workshops and Retreats use a Journal as part of the journey (along with photography, crafts, music etc) - but this is the tool we use to record all our reflections - plus we have a bit of a stationary addiction!

As we love our journals so much - we wanted to gift you two weeks of journalling prompts, ideas, actions and questions so that you can start the journey of filling your Journal. 

Two weeks of daily emails from us to you with just a simple Journal Prompt as a gift. Over the course of the 2 weeks, we will start with prompts that are a little light hearted, then in the middle move into using the Journal for self discovery and finish off with light hearted prompts again. Jo & Boo xx

All you need to to do is sign up and leave your email with us and they will start 11th May for 14 days. ( just press enter as the send button doesn't want to appear for us ;) )

THIS HAS NOW CLOSED! However we will run it again later in the year so please do sign up to our newsletter. Jo & Boo xx