6 WEEK eCOURSE ~ Create your Now


Jo & Boo will be running a 6 week online e-course Create your Now with daily emails including prompts as ideas to create a well balanced lifestyle using journals, photographs, music and crafts. Includes an invitation to a private Facebook Page to explore discussions further. Both Boo and Jo will have a daily presence in the Facebook Group as we do the course along with you, share snippets of our journals and continue to explore deeper with you all.

The 6 week e-course covers 

Week 1 ~ Our Past
  • Childhood & Early adulthood. How did we get to here?
  • What makes me?
  • What influences me?
  • How or where did I get my values?
Week 2 ~ My Immediate Past
  • The Last 5 years
  • Who or what has influenced me?
  • What would I change?
Week 3 ~ My Now
  • What does my present consist of?
  • How much of it did I consciously bring about?
  • What do I have that I am grateful for?
Week 4 ~ How do I discover my 'here', the present, more consciously?
  • Making Choices: What will I keep? What can i let go of? What do I love?
  • How can I make today better?
  • My Home: What surrounds me?
  • My Family: Do I over estimate their needs? Are we fulfilled?
Week 5 ~ Building Blocks for my tomorrow
  • We've looked at what we want to keep from our past and present - How / Why / When will I use these things in my tomorrow?
  • What do you want in your tomorrow?
  • Vision Boards
Week 6 ~ Making your vision Your Moment, Your Reality
  • How to achieve your vision of tomorrow
  • How to make your tomorrow your here and now
  • Enjoying and appreciating being part of your vision
  • Moving forwards

All you need for the course is:
  • A Journal ~ A beautiful one; you're going to be spending a lot of time with it!
  • A Camera ~ Nothing fancy. The camera on your phone is perfect if thats what you're comfortable with. You're only going to be using into record for this programme.
  • A Facebook Account ~ You will be added to the Create the Moment 001 'Secret' Page.  This is not essential but it is the perfect place to share our thoughts as we go along.
  • A Promise ~ To give yourself 30 minutes each day for the duration of the course. A little gift of time for yourself.
We have spent a long time pulling together the bones and the flesh of this beautiful course that is perfectly designed to acknowledge our past, hold ourselves in our present and create a vision for our futures. It is soulful, reflective and motivational. 

The 'Create Your Now' e-course is designed to gently take you through the whole process with daily emails inviting you to use journalling, photography, music and crafts to move towards the life you want, with full support.

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